Painting by Roger Van Guten

$ 215,400.00

Lombok, 1998

54×36 cm

Acrylic and paper



Roger von Gunten (Zurich, Switzerland, March 29, 1933) is a Mexican 
nationalized Swiss sculptor and painter, member of the Rupture Generation.

His visual language is unmistakable, both in painting and drawing. His palette, his iconography and his line have not changed much over time. There are always references to the outside world and even to the climate in which you are living, references felt in an internalized way. He has said that his paintings "are always a traveled road, consisting of many layers, detours, additions and denials, however loose and spontaneous the final surface may look".3

Since his first exhibition in Mexico in 1957, his work has been part of important national and international collections. He has also worked and exhibited in Switzerland, Spain, France, England, the United States, Canada, Indonesia and Japan, among others.[citation needed]

In 1993, he was accepted as a member of the National System of Art Creators, and is a constant promoter of the artistic and cultural development of Mexico.